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Auctions are fun


Auctions can be great sources of goods and entertainment. They can be a source of loss and sadness. The risk/reward quotient is what draws many to the television auction programs.

Tonight I was inspired by the auction shows to do some searching for local auctions. I renewed our Proxibid account and caught a bit of an auction located in Aurora, OR. I saw an set of items that I think I sold to the consignor. It’s very likely that after fees they made nothing. Unless I sold it to the auction house. If that’s the case…no it can’t be my items!

I also I watched some legitimate graded by PSA and Beckett Mickey Mantle cards and a Willie Mays. They sold between $300-$600 each. Not in my price range, but fun to watch!

The trick to online auctions is knowing the terms of the auction house. In my experience never bid in an auction that won’t let you see bidding or results as they happen. Some houses charge bidders almost 20% in addition to the cost to the seller! Then there’s shipping costs.

Remember buyer beware, set spending limits, but have fun!




Sadly, I did not feel up to sales today. This doesn’t mean I wasn’t picking. I just kept myself in bed and scanned Craigslist in between naps.

Later in the afternoon, I came across a sweet Art Deco lamp by Nuart. I have yet to decide how that will be sold. When Kevin made the meet up call (I have nasty laryngitis today) he thankfully suggested we’d buy other items the seller may have. The gentleman said he’d bring 2 more boxes of goods from the estate.

We met up in Wilsonville, in the freezing fog. Since it was so cold, the gentleman sold us the 2 boxes for $20!

Now, not everything is an valuable item, and some things have already traveled down the trash chute. (Thanks Nathan) But I have 2 new things up on eBay.

A pair of mid-century Native American moccasins and a plastic Flamingo ukelele.

Now it’s time for me to pull out more blankets and get to sleep!



What no snipers?


The 1 day auction is over. The gold sold for 5xs more than what we paid for it. After eBay’s fees and Paypal’s fees, the sale will be $5-$8/gram more than if we sold it to a refinery and and probably $10-$12/gram more than a pawn shop.

I’m not surprised there was no sniping considering we’ve been $20 under gold weight for about 5 hours. I’m happy with the results. Now to wait for payment, ship, wait for the release of funds from Paypal, then the transfer of funds from Paypal to our business account.

9/16 Ebay


Today our auction ended on the Yves Saint Laurent fountain pen. We did pretty well, bidding did not advance past the starting bid of $20, but it’s a nice profit on a $2 purchase.

Kevin just put our 14kt gold up on eBay. Within 5 minutes we had a bid. Of course, we start items out at an awesome price!

If you are interested in our stuff, our eBay id is thecatsmeow_antiques 🙂