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It was a good day


Today was an awesome day for finds and new contacts. We went to an estate sale because they had historic guns. However, they wanted 4xs retail prices for them! All the collectibles were in bad condition. When I did get to checkout, the operator was kvetching about how all she sells is cheap household items and not the antiques. I handed her 50 cents for a ring case and left. The irony was not lost on me. I plan on using it for display purposes at sales and for Etsy pictures.

We stopped at 7-11 for some much needed caffeine and water. Mapped out our next sale and headed out. Part way down the road I saw a random estate sale sign and took a hard right into a group of condos/townhouse.

The house had a cute yet cranky 12 y/o kitty (occupational hazard). It was filled with some tchotchkes and what nots. Nothing grabbed me at quick glance. And then I did the slow look across the mantle. I see a clear item that looks like an eagle etched into it. I step closer, and I see on the base of the item a plaque that reads “With Deep Appreciation Richard Nixon November 1972”. (Picker Kevin loves Nixon by the way.) It’s a thank you gift from Nixon with the presidential seal given to Whitehouse aids and campaign contributors and it was marked $2! (Sadly it’s missing it’s original case and letter, together it books for $200.)

We beat feet and then we hit the final sale of the day. We got awesome items there. But, I’m not going to tell you about them yet. The best item needs some cleaning. Then we’ll get some pictures and share tomorrow.

This was all followed by late brunch and an extraordinarily long and needed nap.





Sadly, I did not feel up to sales today. This doesn’t mean I wasn’t picking. I just kept myself in bed and scanned Craigslist in between naps.

Later in the afternoon, I came across a sweet Art Deco lamp by Nuart. I have yet to decide how that will be sold. When Kevin made the meet up call (I have nasty laryngitis today) he thankfully suggested we’d buy other items the seller may have. The gentleman said he’d bring 2 more boxes of goods from the estate.

We met up in Wilsonville, in the freezing fog. Since it was so cold, the gentleman sold us the 2 boxes for $20!

Now, not everything is an valuable item, and some things have already traveled down the trash chute. (Thanks Nathan) But I have 2 new things up on eBay.

A pair of mid-century Native American moccasins and a plastic Flamingo ukelele.

Now it’s time for me to pull out more blankets and get to sleep!



Sort of repeat business


I started writing this last week, and then I didn’t. Bad Jen. I promise not to do it again. Now I’m backed up with stories.

We came back from the movies on Monday and were greeted by a happy phone message. Last week when we bought our gold, we had dinner at Red Lobster and inspected our purchases. We struck up a conversation with our server and gave him our card. He had broken up with his boyfriend and was selling jewelry related to the relationship.

We wound up buying a ring, some necklaces, and a bunch of Egyptian sterling for $200. He was happy, and our eBay buyers were happy, despite the recent downturn in Gold prices. 🙂

I’m only blog slacking


I didn’t go to garage sales at all. I’ve been having some insomnia. The other morning, I finally fell asleep at 7:30am.
Yesterday, I did the show on 2 hours of sleep. Kevin helped me unload and went to what was to be his first day of work.

The show was quite successful in my opinion. We had just under $600 in sales, and got cards from a collectors of German steins and from a jeweler. We marked items down quite a bit, but that’s the nature of this business. Negotiation.

Plain and simply, if I buy stuff, and I don’t sell it, that’s just my money sitting there, not able to be reinvested in more items, or even paying my rent! Being set on a price can really hurt! Heck, sometimes it’s even better to sell at a loss and re-coup cash, and keep in mind that an item isn’t what you want to buy!

So I’m exhausted today. I packed up the show by myself, and while glass is pretty, it’s heavy. Also, glass collector’s don’t buy at that show. I did sell some glass at a huge discount. But, I wish I had sold more. It’s all military & scrap silver at that show.

I did sell 2 bags of the costume jewelry lot for $20 to the one jeweler. She repairs older jewelry, so she will harvest clasps and stones. 🙂

I’m rambling because I’m still tired. 🙂

No trades either


Well, we drove out to Otis. I knew things were bad when I saw it was a Caballero, not an El Camino. Not much difference accept the El Camino name gives more desirability to collectors.

Then the guy started the car. It had some trouble at first, and it belched some black smoke. Not horrible, but not good. The body was mostly solid. Some of the molding on the windows could have been better, but I’ve seen worse. The choke light would not go off.

Then Kevin started checking the lights. Brake lights were faint but operational. So were the turn indicators. Then he turned on the headlights.

The gas gauge went to empty!

I’ll say that again. He turned on the headlights, and the gas gauge read empty!

And the right turn indicator went on as a constant light on the dash!

Not a big deal. Make sure you have a full tank of gas when you drive at night.

I noticed exhaust from the right hand side. Still not a huge deal. Eventually, the exhaust started smelling hot. Not a huge deal, but another issue.

So we took it for a test drive. Kevin put the car into reverse and started cutting the wheel. Wake your neighbors squealing from the steering.

He put it into drive. The V8 engine tried to roar, but it couldn’t quite do it. The automatic transmission shifted hard. The steering was loose. We quickly decided that it wasn’t the car for us. We found a drive way to turn around.

We pulled in at a slight incline. Kevin put the car in reverse, started backing up, and the transmission slipped into neutral on it’s own!

We went back to the guy’s place. He didn’t even care about why we didn’t want the car.

Trading is good, but our goods were more valuable than the car.

So we came home, after a brief stop at the Spirit Mountain Casino. We tried the buffet. We tried our hands at the slots. I lost $28. Kevin walked away with $80. All in all, a cool adventure. Beautiful Oregon farmland was seen.

No sales for us today


We aren’t going to sales today. Instead we are making a trek out to Otis, OR. We’re trading some non-antique items for a 1983 El Camino. It’s some gold & diamond jewelry, an iPad 2, a metal detector, my Walther P22, and Kevin’s Bersa 380 cc. He made the deal through Craigslist.

The ability to trade items for other items is also a picking skill. Sometimes one person has an item you want, and there’s no available cash, and you really want it. Maybe you have something cool you found, and you don’t typically deal with that subject matter.

Trading for something better, something more valuable is the way to go. Again I am not an experienced trader. I’ve heard tales of awesome trades. My father-in-law regularly trades items he buys at sales for items that are worth well more than he paid for the initial item. The eventually trading one or two of those items for something high end.

Sadly, we don’t have the networking connections here in PDX/Vancouver for trades.

Yet. Time will improve that. 🙂

Rosco & Mundlos


One of the fun and cool things about being unemployed, if you see a good deal on Craigslist, you can pounce on it like a cat, well so long as you have cash. 🙂

Today’s awesome finds are some German blades. One is a hunting association dagger, the other is a K98 bayonet. The dagger is pretty, it has a cool little clam shell and acorns on it. It has a very nice leather scabbard and was made in Germany by Rosco. A similar one sold at local auction for $400 recently.

The bayonet is kind of an interesting piece. It was manufactured by Mundlos. Mundlos was a German sewing-machine manufacturer. It’s almost the American equivalent of finding a Singer .45. Yes, that Singer made .45 caliber pistols during WWII. The Singer .45 is pretty rare. So are the Mundlos bayonets. One site states only 25,000 were made. I will want to find more info to be sure. Sadly no scabbard, but they are hard to come by for the Mundlos. Kevin says it has 7 Waffenamts on it. Those are inspection marks to make sure it passed muster during WWII. It’s been harder to find any of them for sale.

We spent $50 for the pair.

In this business, you’re quick or you’re broke. For instance, the gold from the other night, someone beat me to it. I saw the bracelet up for sale today for 4 times the original asking price. They probably made $1,000-$1,500 on the gold. I found this deal 16 minutes after it went online.