Sadly, I did not feel up to sales today. This doesn’t mean I wasn’t picking. I just kept myself in bed and scanned Craigslist in between naps.

Later in the afternoon, I came across a sweet Art Deco lamp by Nuart. I have yet to decide how that will be sold. When Kevin made the meet up call (I have nasty laryngitis today) he thankfully suggested we’d buy other items the seller may have. The gentleman said he’d bring 2 more boxes of goods from the estate.

We met up in Wilsonville, in the freezing fog. Since it was so cold, the gentleman sold us the 2 boxes for $20!

Now, not everything is an valuable item, and some things have already traveled down the trash chute. (Thanks Nathan) But I have 2 new things up on eBay.

A pair of mid-century Native American moccasins and a plastic Flamingo ukelele.

Now it’s time for me to pull out more blankets and get to sleep!




Sick of being sick!


Good evening picker fans! This week I have been remiss in my duties as a blogger and in adding items to our Etsy Page. I was almost over last week’s cold, and I started coming down with a different cold. Hence, I haven’t felt like doing anything.

However, I hope to rectify this slightly this evening. This evening I have posted 1 item to our Etsy store. It’s a really cool 14 inch Wild Rose Weller Vase. It has cool double handles. It’s 1930s awesomeness. We took it out to the Salem Collectors Market a couple months ago, but we didn’t find the right fans that day. I’m thinking Etsy will reach the right fans.

Earlier this week, I also posted a cool set of Pixie Elf Ornaments and wow, I have a bid. W00t! (I turned off my banner notifications on my phone and just realized it now.) Not too bad for being sick.

So Pickers, I leave you with this. Take vitamins, get shots, bundle up and stay dry. Go to bed early, because you have to wake up and buy antiques.



I miss you garage sale season!


We ventured out to 3 estate sales today. The first was an absolute mad house. There were many collectible items at slightly less than retail prices.

The problem being the operator didn’t keep crowd management in mind because he didn’t want to stand in at the door with the sign up sheet in the cold. So more than 100 people were allowed into the house in 15 minutes.

I was pushed many times and Kevin took an elbow to the eye. We picked up only 2 items, which we hope to double our money.

You see with garage sale season this doesn’t happen as badly. There’s more places for people to shop.

Thursday, never looking back


It was a good day despite both Kevin and I being sick. Kevin was asked to stay home from work, so he took the opportunity to make a house call. Lots of awesome smalls and a invite to come back when more of the mother’s estate is emptied!

So I’m not looking back because I finished my goal of $500 in Etsy listings today! I also put an item up on Ebay.

That gives me two days to pull out more merchandise, sort and price it for next week!

I’m still standing!


Picker Jen talking. I am only a part time antique dealer, and I’ve only been doing it in earnest for 2 years. I still get up everyday and work my 8-5 job. Today, I went to work still sick. So, there’s no excuse for not putting some items up on Etsy.

So today I listed an awesome bracelet by Weiss. It came in a grab bag of jewelry Kevin bought for about a dollar. The grab bag had 10kt gold items in it too!

I put up one of our tiny snuff boxes. We had several, but this one didn’t sell at the show down in Salem.

The final item up was a cute little JJ brooch with frogs playing leap frog.

The trick is these items all together probably cost us about $2 combined from 3 different garage sales. I’ve listed them for a combined total of $55.

This rings my total for the week up to $410 and I haven’t started digging through the piles yet. I owe me $90 by end of Saturday! I can do it!

Short skirt and a long…


Jacket! (Thank you Cake!) Two of them in fact are posted to my Etsy store today. An awesome ladies motorcycle jacket by Excelled and a cool Dallas Cowboys letterman jacket. This means $192 in merchandise was posted to the Etsy store.

This brings the amount I owe myself for this week is $145. I spent most of the day in bed as this cold has packed a wallop. It’s ok though. I didn’t get ahead for next week, but more of the goal was accomplished.

$20 down


I’m still feeling pretty poorly tonight. That didn’t stop me from listing $20 in merchandise to the Etsy store. I put up 2 cute brooches. One a Sarah Coventry bee and the other an unsigned Victorian style.

This week’s total for merchandise is $163. I owe me $337 in effort for the week. I’m off work tomorrow too! It’s going to be a day spent sorting items and pricing them.

I hope to have this week’s merchandise sorted out and at least half of next week’s too!