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Back In The Saddle!



The PDXpicker learning to refinish furniture. We will update pictures throughout the process!


Done for the day


Today was a decent day. The Fitz and Floyd reindeer sold on eBay. Two other items did not. That’s ok because they will come with me to the Salem Collectors Market. The market is next to the Oregon Fairgrounds which is also having a bridal expo. I may bring some Fostoria Americana and some blue older things.

I need to coordinate with Kevin the shipping of our 2 sales (so far) from this week. Nothing interesting on Craigslist other than the guns I’ve flagged.

As for the ad front, yesterday I had 95 impressions today which generated 1 view. That cost me about 12 cents.

In the mean time I checked out some of the Etsy blogs and forums and posted. I joined 2 teams, and I added 4 people to my circle. This generated 5 views.

It’s going to take some work, but I will have an empire built on antiques!

Trying a little advertising


We had an sale on our Etsypage the other day. It’s a cute Sterling cigar cutter which sold for $18. We paid less than a dollar.

We’ve been averaging 10-20 views a day. I’ve decided to take the plunge and pay $5 for etsy advertising. That should get 4000 impressions per week. Not views, but impressions. This means they’ll show the links to people up to 4000 times.

I’ll share results as the week progresses. I’m hoping more revenue will be generated!

Good day part two


Our final sale of the day by far had the best value for our dollars. They are estate buyers/cleaners who don’t look up their prices. We’ll definitely be back!

We picked up an awesome Royal Standard typewriter. This typewriter is the first model Royal made. There are 3 models of Royal that are highly collectible, the Standard, #5 and #10. Researching this machine, I’ve found that collectors will pay quite a bit for this piece.

It’s up on eBay now!


Auctions are fun


Auctions can be great sources of goods and entertainment. They can be a source of loss and sadness. The risk/reward quotient is what draws many to the television auction programs.

Tonight I was inspired by the auction shows to do some searching for local auctions. I renewed our Proxibid account and caught a bit of an auction located in Aurora, OR. I saw an set of items that I think I sold to the consignor. It’s very likely that after fees they made nothing. Unless I sold it to the auction house. If that’s the case…no it can’t be my items!

I also I watched some legitimate graded by PSA and Beckett Mickey Mantle cards and a Willie Mays. They sold between $300-$600 each. Not in my price range, but fun to watch!

The trick to online auctions is knowing the terms of the auction house. In my experience never bid in an auction that won’t let you see bidding or results as they happen. Some houses charge bidders almost 20% in addition to the cost to the seller! Then there’s shipping costs.

Remember buyer beware, set spending limits, but have fun!

Learn, evolve or stay home


Hi. The Pickers are both still sick. We didn’t estate sales at all this weekend, however we have already had a bid on one of the items picked up Saturday night from the 2 boxes portion of the lamp deal.

What this week is proving that we need to keep our eyes open for deals constantly. And we shouldn’t be dismissive of items because we don’t know anything about them.

If quality is there, it looks cool, and it’s cheap, then buy it. The absolute worse thing that happens is you pull only your money out of an item when it resells, or you have something in your house that’s cool!

Best case scenario, you make a high percentage return. We’ve done that recently. When the worst case scenario happens, don’t get down on yourself. Remember the experience as a lesson and move on with your buying!

Sick of being sick!


Good evening picker fans! This week I have been remiss in my duties as a blogger and in adding items to our Etsy Page. I was almost over last week’s cold, and I started coming down with a different cold. Hence, I haven’t felt like doing anything.

However, I hope to rectify this slightly this evening. This evening I have posted 1 item to our Etsy store. It’s a really cool 14 inch Wild Rose Weller Vase. It has cool double handles. It’s 1930s awesomeness. We took it out to the Salem Collectors Market a couple months ago, but we didn’t find the right fans that day. I’m thinking Etsy will reach the right fans.

Earlier this week, I also posted a cool set of Pixie Elf Ornaments and wow, I have a bid. W00t! (I turned off my banner notifications on my phone and just realized it now.) Not too bad for being sick.

So Pickers, I leave you with this. Take vitamins, get shots, bundle up and stay dry. Go to bed early, because you have to wake up and buy antiques.