It was a good day


Today was an awesome day for finds and new contacts. We went to an estate sale because they had historic guns. However, they wanted 4xs retail prices for them! All the collectibles were in bad condition. When I did get to checkout, the operator was kvetching about how all she sells is cheap household items and not the antiques. I handed her 50 cents for a ring case and left. The irony was not lost on me. I plan on using it for display purposes at sales and for Etsy pictures.

We stopped at 7-11 for some much needed caffeine and water. Mapped out our next sale and headed out. Part way down the road I saw a random estate sale sign and took a hard right into a group of condos/townhouse.

The house had a cute yet cranky 12 y/o kitty (occupational hazard). It was filled with some tchotchkes and what nots. Nothing grabbed me at quick glance. And then I did the slow look across the mantle. I see a clear item that looks like an eagle etched into it. I step closer, and I see on the base of the item a plaque that reads “With Deep Appreciation Richard Nixon November 1972”. (Picker Kevin loves Nixon by the way.) It’s a thank you gift from Nixon with the presidential seal given to Whitehouse aids and campaign contributors and it was marked $2! (Sadly it’s missing it’s original case and letter, together it books for $200.)

We beat feet and then we hit the final sale of the day. We got awesome items there. But, I’m not going to tell you about them yet. The best item needs some cleaning. Then we’ll get some pictures and share tomorrow.

This was all followed by late brunch and an extraordinarily long and needed nap.



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