Auctions are fun


Auctions can be great sources of goods and entertainment. They can be a source of loss and sadness. The risk/reward quotient is what draws many to the television auction programs.

Tonight I was inspired by the auction shows to do some searching for local auctions. I renewed our Proxibid account and caught a bit of an auction located in Aurora, OR. I saw an set of items that I think I sold to the consignor. It’s very likely that after fees they made nothing. Unless I sold it to the auction house. If that’s the case…no it can’t be my items!

I also I watched some legitimate graded by PSA and Beckett Mickey Mantle cards and a Willie Mays. They sold between $300-$600 each. Not in my price range, but fun to watch!

The trick to online auctions is knowing the terms of the auction house. In my experience never bid in an auction that won’t let you see bidding or results as they happen. Some houses charge bidders almost 20% in addition to the cost to the seller! Then there’s shipping costs.

Remember buyer beware, set spending limits, but have fun!


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