Monthly Archives: December 2012

$20 down


I’m still feeling pretty poorly tonight. That didn’t stop me from listing $20 in merchandise to the Etsy store. I put up 2 cute brooches. One a Sarah Coventry bee and the other an unsigned Victorian style.

This week’s total for merchandise is $163. I owe me $337 in effort for the week. I’m off work tomorrow too! It’s going to be a day spent sorting items and pricing them.

I hope to have this week’s merchandise sorted out and at least half of next week’s too!


Update to Etsy Listings


Since my post earlier today I’ve posted more merchandise to the storefront.

I’ve brought this week’s total of posted merchandise to $143. I owe myself $357 in more posted goods for the week. My enthusiasm about the project grew as I saw the shop’s page views increase. In the 4 hours since my initial posting, we’ve had 20 different views and 4 favorited items. That’s fairly positive.

I know that as the store’s inventory increases, our views and sales will increase. It’s a good time to be a picker!

I’m an antique dealer darn it


It’s picker Jen! Kevin and I both have colds so we didn’t hit sales this weekend. Nonetheless, I did list $105 in merchandise on our Etsy this evening. I just have $295 to go this week!

I have about $80 in items separated out. I just have pictures to take. Then I will need to start digging through the boxes and drawers and find the rest of this week’s merchendise!

Having a plan and executing it…


Good day world! It’s Picker Jen! I have a plan in my head. It’s time to start executing it. You see, I’d like my Etsy store to make me wealthier next year. So I have a slightly outrageous goal of list $500 in merchandise a week.

I don’t think it’s an impossible goal. We definitely have enough costume jewelry, jewelry parts (for crafting), and smalls to accomplish that for a month, possibly more. It’s just me getting over my excuses.

I don’t have to sell that much ofcourse per week. It would be nice, but I know the more you have listed the better the site traffic. Speaking of site traffic here’s the store.

So there you have it world. I have a goal. Feel free to nag me about it. Feel free to browse and follow us.

The Winter Picker Blues


Sadly, this is the time of the year when garage sales vanish, estate sales dwindle, and the deals seem no where to be had.

Truth be told, this can still be a very productive time of the year. Start by looking to other avenues for products such as Craigslist, thrift stores, and indoor fleamarkets.

You may say to yourself, “Self, Kevin is crazy. The people know what they have or it is already picked over.”. I have personally pulled items from the victorian period all the way through to the 1960’s out of just those very places.

Don’t let the season get you down, get out there and be a success!


Garage sale on Boxing Day


So not only did Picker Kevin post today, he hit a soft opening of a garage sale today. Their words not ours! He picked up a grab box of stuff for $3.

The box had some shiny costume jewelry, Wade figures, and a Roman coin. The Wade figures are up on our Etsy store already. The costume jewelry will go up this week.

The coin requires more research. It was minted under Galerius sometime around 305 AD. It’s unusual because it appears to have a gold wash of some kind. Now some Galerius coins have a silver wash, but gold is something entirely different.


Tis the season to be picking!


Picker Kevin here with a teeny tiny holiday update. Christmas eve was good to Jen and myself. A nice dinner out, and an amazing pick!

I managed to get my hands on a WWII, German luftwaffe 2nd model dagger by Anton Wingen Jr. In Solingen. Please keep in mind that as I post this picture to obviously show off and brag, I am not a Nazi, nor do I condone any of the evil they did.

A regular posting coming soon! Happy holidays!