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Our first guest post!


Today, Nathan from Edge Induced Cohesion joined us for his first pick. I think he had fun!

Today I went picking for the first time. A lot of the property at the various estate sales was pretty overpriced or did not look all that impressive, but I did see some items that were of interest to me. I managed to purchase five ties, a slide rule, and two books (of interest for reading, not picking), all for a total of $5.50. The trick was trying to find items that were both inexpensive but also of personal interest to me.

When I got back from the estate sales, after a fairly disciplined day, I looked up the values of some of the items on ebay, and I was pleased. I found Christian Dior ties like the ones I purchased for about $20, Oscar De La Renta ties of the same types as mine for the same price, and Del Soldato ties for at least $10, along with $10 for David Crystal ties made of silk. I also found the same type of slide rule I bought for $20. So, any one of four or five items would double the money I spent, and I can keep some ties for my own use while also profiting. As long as something moves, it looks like a very profitable day picking, and that is a great first time experience. Hopefully it can give me some good lessons for the future as well, as I watched how the more experienced pickers behaved as well, avoiding overpaying and buying for quality and value as well as for items that one liked for their own worth. That sounds like a worthwhile day for me.