Monthly Archives: November 2011

almost back in the saddle


It has been a while. We’ve been broke, busy, and sore. We did make time to go out this weekend to 2 estate sales this weekend. One was very crowded. As we stood in line, and watched people come out of the first one, very few walked out with items. However, Kevin, having the awesome eye for quality found an older blue art glass vase and a crystal nut dish for $11.50.
The items aren’t super cheap, but they’ll make nice additions to the case at 3xs their purchase price. The other sale was largely filled with newer items at high prices. So nothing was purchased.

The past two days we have found gold and costume jewelry on Craigslist. Yesterday, we bought 1 gold ring, 4 rings and 3 brooches for $10! The gold ring has sold for $45 on eBay. Tidy profit indeed.

Today we found a ring and a bracelet for $120. We haven’t weighed them, but we estimate by looks that they are 7 grams of 10k gold, which we can sell for about $180. More if people pay for the diamonds. 🙂

it’s good to be back! 🙂