Monthly Archives: October 2011

PDX rainy season


I must admit the past two weekends, we did not hit the sales with a vengeance. We’ve been a little cash poor. The good news, we are still making deals every few days, just not always at garage sales.

I start my new job Wednesday, so sales income can be spent more on reinvestment, and not household expenses. On the other hand, sales are capable of helping with household expenses. W00t!

It’s also started raining. This means fewer random garage sales. I will need to go back to my tried and true method of searching Craigslist, writing down leads, and then creating a custom map on Google maps, and then using my list of leads in conjunction with my map.

Sales are more likely to be ran estate sales and moving sales now. Ran estate sales are fun the first day and at the end of the last day. At the end of the last day, the person running the sale will make deals.

We had four eBay sales last week, and one today. Prices ranging from $6 to $685. 4 were under $50. eBay does not know what to make of us. 🙂


Sort of repeat business


I started writing this last week, and then I didn’t. Bad Jen. I promise not to do it again. Now I’m backed up with stories.

We came back from the movies on Monday and were greeted by a happy phone message. Last week when we bought our gold, we had dinner at Red Lobster and inspected our purchases. We struck up a conversation with our server and gave him our card. He had broken up with his boyfriend and was selling jewelry related to the relationship.

We wound up buying a ring, some necklaces, and a bunch of Egyptian sterling for $200. He was happy, and our eBay buyers were happy, despite the recent downturn in Gold prices. 🙂